Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Fengshui Seminar


Mother’s Day is a holiday of appreciating all mothers. It is said that Mother’s Day came from ancient Greece. It is said that Rhea, the wife of Cronus, would pay tribute/respect to the mother of gods. As of modern mother’s day, which originated from America, is on the 2nd of Sunday every May. Now mothers will regularly receive presents and especially carnations, which represents thankfulness, love, and yearn.

To celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day, Dashing Line will hold the 7th event at Royal Oak Country Club talking about Feng Shui and architecture. AF (Aspiration Foundation) specially invited Mr. Lee, who is STOA’s chairman and Rice University’s Feng Shui professor. He will explain Feng Shui’s secret to the mothers and answer question mothers might have.

Starting at 10:00am, the 50 members come to the event scattered, coming one by one to celebrate the holiday. Members will come wearing beautiful colorful clothes making the event lively and fun, attracting many people’s attention.

In front of the signature desk, Rose and Joy who are members of Dashing Line, have set up the flowers. The orchid corsage are light purple, yellow, and white which represents nobleness and gracefulness. The carnations are orange, pink, and light yellow which represents warmheartedness and elegance. Each mother has one of each flower making their appearance very beautiful.

Maggie Guo, one of the hosts of the event, and AF’s leader Mrs.Shaobo Du introduced the AF proposal to everyone. The first project of AF is about to begin— donate 5 sets of harps to kids in Dabieshan village and Anhui province. AF’s wholehearted project have gotten the support and applause from many mothers.

Mrs. Claire is also one of the hosts at the event, and is introducing CC Lee to everyone. Mr. Lee is the chairman and CEO of the STOA architect company, director of the Houston architect group, and vice president of the UPC construction company. Mr. Lee, who is also the company’s inventor, has had 30 years of experience in building design and architect. CC Lee is the professor at Rice University lecturing architect and Feng Shui.

Mr. Lee was once a postgraduate at Harvard University. His lecture is very humorous and everyone is captivated by all the different ways of Feng Shui. Students will take pictures, take notes and ask questions.

After the Feng Shui and architect lecture, the buffet starts. The mothers will introduce themselves to each other with warm welcomes, and add each other on Wechat, becoming close friends.

A lot of people after the event is over, will take pictures in the flower garden and make happy memories. Everyone thinks that celebrating mother’s day this way with loving mothers is the most meaningful.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to this event and made it successful:
Qinmei from QQ real estate, Meimei Ou from Meimei real estate, Xiaochun Yu from Talent Academy, Deqing Yang from Anwen insurance company, Alice Hsiao from Nanxiangyuan, and Claire Jin from Chase Bank.

Please follow our AF’s Wechat . The new update is about the AF donation project.

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