A New Year’s Gift

A New Year’s Gift from the Other Side of the Ocean


January 5th 2017, with warm and loving hearts from the mothers in Houston, they have donated five high-quality DunHuang guzhengs!

This AF (Aspiration-Foundation), a non-profit organization, is focused on helping children who love music, but do not have the resources to fulfill their dreams. Founded by a group of loving moms, their goal is to helped unprivileged children to develop their talents in arts. These children, who bring positive energy to society, have angelic smiles that bloom in the mother’s bosoms. In 2015, AF members contributed to 100,000 RMB worth of donations and in December of 2016, members of AF went to AnHui, JinZhai, a small village near NanJing, to watch the Shan WaWa (the kids in that village) Guzheng class play.

During this trip, the five Guzheng’s mentioned previously were donated. These children performed with the donated Guzheng’s on the stage of an Internet-based New Year’s Eve performance. Displaying their talents to Chinese people worldwide, the proceeds of this performance totaled 200,000 RMB. Whoever would like to contribute to this loving foundation, no matter how big or small, would be a blessing. Thank you, on behalf of the children.

Aspiration Foundation

You can donate by Chase quickpay or paypal to the account: aspirationinfo001@gmail.com

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