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Love Warms Houston

Love warms Houston: "Aspiration Foundation” gave blessing to the blind piano girl Jiang Mingming   At 5 pm on February 8, 2017, the board members of Houston "Aspiration Foundation" went to the famous Chinese musician Ms. Xiaoping Wu’ house to visit the blind piano girl Mingming Jiang who is from Mainland China. They gave Mingming…
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A New Year’s Gift

A New Year’s Gift from the Other Side of the Ocean   January 5th 2017, with warm and loving hearts from the mothers in Houston, they have donated five high-quality DunHuang guzhengs! This AF (Aspiration-Foundation), a non-profit organization, is focused on helping children who love music, but do not have the resources to fulfill their…
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Freeing Dreams of Music

The new generation(s) of young Asian-Americans all have dreamed of varying careers including medicine, law, and many more; however, the subject of fine arts is more uncommon to touch upon. In Houston nonetheless, there lives a girl demonstrating extraordinary musical talent. She not only has a rich history of learning piano (age 5) and guitar…
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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Fengshui Seminar   Mother’s Day is a holiday of appreciating all mothers. It is said that Mother’s Day came from ancient Greece. It is said that Rhea, the wife of Cronus, would pay tribute/respect to the mother of gods. As of modern mother’s day, which originated from America, is on the 2nd of…
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