Freeing Dreams of Music

The new generation(s) of young Asian-Americans all have dreamed of varying careers including medicine, law, and many more; however, the subject of fine arts is more uncommon to touch upon. In Houston nonetheless, there lives a girl demonstrating extraordinary musical talent. She not only has a rich history of learning piano (age 5) and guitar (age 12), but also loves to sing while playing as well as compose. Although she’s currently only 15, she has already created a collection of over 200 songs. Furthermore, she has been mentored by multiple influential figures including queen Beyonce’s first music coach and numerous other legendary celebrities.

Recently, this girl has been spending 6-10 hours each week in a professional recording studio working to create her very first album through the crowdfunding and support of her parents, friends, and fans. With her passionate love for music and unwavering determination, she hopes of becoming a singer or music producer in the near future.

To help this turn her dreams into reality, all members of AF (Aspiration Foundation) have decided to aid this young talent. Her CD is expected to be released October 2016, made possible through the kind, charitable donations of the people around her. Any excess donations will be committed towards AF for the purpose of assisting other young, uprising artistic talent in the impoverished corners of China.

The girl this story has acknowledged is Crystal Wang, you can find out more about her through her website: . Additionally, if you would like to help support Crystal develop her album, you can donate to .

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